How to Get Free Premium Pass in Carrom Pool?

How to Get Free Premium Pass in Carrom Pool?
We can get access to premium pass by using some tricks, but for that we have to purchase at once premium pass to get free premium pass for next 12 months or may be so on. So let get in topic without further ado:

What is Carrom Pool Pass?

Carrom Pool Pass is basically like daily challenges to get exciting prizes, for these prizes you have to earn some points to fill up line same as in 8 Ball Pool, there’re 2 types of pass in Carrom Pool.

Free Pass, you’ve to complete daily challenges or win games to unlock some prizes like gold coins or a striker in that season.

Premium Pass, you’ve to spent some real time money to purchase this pass, because in premium pass you can unlock high end prizes and premium strikers.

Is Carrom Pool Pass is Paid?

No, as I told you above Carrom Pool Pass is divided in 2 branches, one is free and one is paid, for paid, you’ve to pay some real time money to purchase premium pass to get access of premium pass pipeline.

How to Get Free Premium Pass in Carrom Pool?

You must have to purchase a premium pass atleast once to perform some tricks to get access to premium pass for free every month. To get access to premium pass for free for every month you’ve to follow the following step:

  • When previous pass ends you’ve to open the game on 5 am.
  • Then look for game update, if there’s an update update it as soon as possible.
  • Then play a match with someone.
  • Then at 5:30 am you’ll see the miracle happened means you’ll access the premium pass for free.
  • Attention required you must have to play a new game again to retain this premium pass by collecting some points to unlock things from premium pass.

Before preceding do remember, these steps will never work for you, if you didn’t purchase the premium pass once in your game life.

What Benefit We Get by Purchasing Premium Pass?

By unlocking premium pass we get access to some premium game things like eye-catchy strikers, pucks, emojis, and so on you can also get the premium pass using Carrom pool mod apk a modified version and also edit mod version with Modeditor.

Frequently Asked Question

You must skip a method, do proceed this again in next will work for.

Yes this trick will work for everyone who did purchase a premium pass at once.

The best to proceed this is 5 am.


Premium Pass is an exciting chunk for new players to get access to premium things as soon as possible, but for old players they did amazing with aiming techniques by using different aiming tool to defeat giants on board for example; Aim Carrom, LuLuBox, Aim Carrom King and so on. Premium Pass is also good practise as it allow user to look at Carrom Pool at once a day to complete daily challenges.

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