What is the Latest Version of Carrom Pool?

What is the Latest Version of Carrom Pool?
Versions of Carrom Pool excites when comes out in market

Miniclip updated Carrom Pool on 31 Aug. 2023 to version of 15.1.0 and added new features and fixes some bugs to engage the players again by launching new features, every update by author have great impact on users and the online game like Carrom Pool or 8 Ball Pool need often update to launch new strikers or pool cues.

Carrom Pool is now the one of best board game out in market for android as well as for IOS user, so lets dig inside the topic without any further discussion:

What is the Latest Version of Carrom Pool?

Miniclip gave an update to Carrom Pool on 31 Aug. 2023 of version 15.1.0 with some new trendy features, which includes major fixes like adding more chat features and emojis, user interface, graphics, and also put efforts on gaming experience.

Which Old Version is Best to Consider?

Answer to this question is bit tricky as all version of Carrom Pool comes up with exciting features to entertain us, but the one of best version of Carrom Pool is when the author announce the Carrom Pool Pass that excites every consumer of Carrom Pool, this thing allow every gamer to switch on game at least a once in day to complete daily mission to unlock some new things like chats, gold coin, gems, and striker.

Is Mod Version is Available for Latest Version?

Yes mod version is available for carrom pool latest version in market now for both android and IOS users as well, and now aim hack tools are also available in market named as Aim Carrom, Aim Carrom King, LuLuBox and so on.

These tools basically help you to aim perfect on board to pot all pucks in one to defeat as many as competitor in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

India is the origin where the Carrom Pool invented as Board game and now Carrom Pool is playing as international game.

Every personality has its own choice but for strategic people, they might consider Carrom Pool over other choices.

Carrom Pool achieve a milestone of 100m+ downloads according to the provided data of Google Play Store.


As, I have told above every version has its own specification and every new version comes out with new exciting features to maintain the engagement of game with their consumers.

Jason Scout
Jason Scout

Game Developer & Designer!

I’m Jason Scout a full stack developer and designer, as internet is evolving and every need a better solution to there needs and as a carrom player, I do understand the need of aim assistance in carrom pool game, a well know carrom online platform, so I start creating & designing Aim Carrom to help expert players to build more expertise.

Me and my team always did changes to make Aim Carrom always up to date.

Follow us to get updates about Aim Carrom and their tips and tricks.

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