Aim Carrom King APK Latest Version v2.8.2

Aim Carrom King
Aim Carrom King is an application, and with its help, you can play every match automatically. Download Aim Carrom King Apk Latest Version v2.8.2 for free.

Are you looking to boost your chances of winning in the Carrom Pool? Discover how Aim Carrom King APK can help you maximize your winning potential. I will provide you with an auto-play tool for the Carrom Pool inside the Kram Pul. You may know that there are many aim tools available within Carrom Pool, and you might have used many of them. 

But today, I am going to give you an aim tool that will help you win every match, and you won’t have to play the match manually. This tool will play the match automatically for you. It only requires one setup before it begins to play the game for you. So make sure to read this post in its entirety if you ever want to download and utilize it.

In this article, I’ll provide an in-depth look at this advanced aim bot’s capabilities. I’ll explore its features, including precise aiming, bounce shots, and laser line aiming.

What is Aim Carrom King?

Aim Carrom King is an application, and with its help, you can play every match automatically. It is 100% safe, and your ID will not be banned. I have been using it for a year, and none of my IDs have been banned. 

What is Aim Carrom King?

However, Aim Carrom King is not free; you will have to purchase it. Once you can use it, there is no free option inside it. You need to set it up once, and then you can play matches with it, and it will win every match for you.

Why Use Aim Carrom King?

Why should you use Aim Carrom King within Carrom Pool? You may know that there are many aim tools available in Carrom Pool, such as Lulubox, Bitaim, and Aim Carrom, and you may have used these aim tools. These aim millions of people to use tools for free. But if you use Aim Carrom King, it will automatically play every match perfectly for you, and there will be absolutely zero chances of losing coins.

Effortless Integration for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

Aim Carrom King APK is made to enhance, not interfere with, your Carrom game experience. It ensures constant precision by giving the striker and pieces precise directional instructions. Additionally, it offers customization options such as choosing the aim line color and even switching to a laser line for a captivating twist in your Carrom games.

Additional Information

Tool NameAim Carrom King APK
PublisherAim Carrom
GenreCarrom Tools
Size18.6 MB

Features Of Aim Carrom King

This application enables you to apply various enhancements to your Carrom Pool gaming experience, making every victory an easy achievement. Below, I highlight some of its exceptional features:

Aim Carrom King APK Premium Unlocked

Aim Carrom King APK Premium Unlocked is an advanced aim-bot specifically designed for use with the Carrom Pool game by MiniClip.

Precise Aiming with Aim Carrom

The Aim King APK Premium Unlocked feature guarantees that your striker consistently hits its intended target. Through precise aim prediction, conquering Carrom Pool games becomes a more achievable feat.  It also provides insights into potential striker rebounds and indirect hits, helping you avoid unnecessary fouls.

Precise Aiming with Aim Carrom

Cushion Shots

Cushion Shots are engineered to assist your aim in accurately striking the board and making contact with your Carrom pieces. The cushioned sides of the Carrom board can facilitate the movement needed to reach Carrom pieces that are challenging to access directly.

Cushion Shots

Bounce Shots in Aim Carrom King APK

Bounce Shots in Carrom games are often challenging to predict, and an unfavorable bounce can inadvertently assist your opponent. However, with the Aim Carrom King APK, you can proactively anticipate these bounces and create the perfect angles that leave no room for your opponents to exploit.

Bounce Shots in Aim Carrom King APK

High-Quality Graphics

The application features user-friendly game controls, allowing you to easily turn the aiming assistance on or off directly from the screen. Moreover, the game offers high-quality graphics with immersive sound effects, delivering a truly realistic and captivating Carrom board gaming experience.

High-Quality Graphics

Laser Line Aiming

For those seeking a change from the standard white aim line, Aim Carrom King Autoplay APK offers the option to switch to a different color or even a laser line. The laser line gives your gameplay a thrilling new dimension. This version also removes ads and unlocks premium features like Bounce Shots and Indirect Shots with Laser Line Aiming.

Laser Line Aiming

To utilize the features of this game-enhancing bot, you need to have the Carrom Pool application pre-installed on your device. Alternatively, you can download the Carrom Pool app later if required. You are required to grant permissions for Aim Carrom King APK to run alongside other apps to ensure it functions seamlessly with Carrom Pool.

How To Download?

You can download Aim Carrom King APK for Android now and start winning Carrom Pool games more easily.

  • Download this application from the given link.
  • To determine the CPU and GPU of your Android device, you can use the CPU-Z app.
How To Download

Become a Carrom Pool Pro with Aim Carrom King

The latest version of Aim Carrom King APK makes it easier to win in Carrom Pool. To use it, you need to have the Carrom Pool game by MiniClip on your Android device. This app not only helps you aim better but also guides tricky indirect and bounce shots.

Troubleshooting Tips Of using Aim Carrom King

Certainly, here are some troubleshooting tips for common issues that you may encounter when using Carrom King APK:

Installation Issues

If you see a storage-space-related issue, make some room on your smartphone by removing files or uninstalling unused programs.

If you face an “App Not Installed” error, ensure that you have enabled the “Install from Unknown Sources” option in your device settings.

Installation Issues

Compatibility Problems

Confirm that your Android device meets the minimum system requirements for Aim Carrom King APK.

If you have other mods or cheats installed for Carrom Pool, they may conflict with Aim Carrom King. Uninstall conflicting mods to prevent issues.

Performance and Lag Issues

If the game experiences lag or performance issues, close background apps to free up device resources. Ensure that you are using the latest version of this application, as updates may include performance optimizations.

Ban Risk

Be aware that using mods in online games like Carrom Pool can result in account bans. Play cautiously and avoid using the mod in multiplayer modes to minimize the Risk.

App Crashes

If the modded app crashes frequently, try clearing the cache of both the Carrom Pool app and the Aim Carrom King APK. If crashes persist, uninstall and reinstall both apps to ensure a clean installation.

Updates and Patches

After game updates or patches, app may become incompatible. Wait for developers to release a compatible version.

Security Alerts

Some antivirus apps may flag APKs as potentially harmful. Disable or allow the modded app in your antivirus settings.

Network Issues

Ensure a stable internet connection when using the mod, especially if it relies on online features.

Resource Loading Errors

If the mod requires additional resources to be downloaded, a slow internet connection may result in errors. Use a faster and more stable connection.

Resource Loading Errors

Frequently Asked Questions

If you encounter an “Error: Not Installed” message when attempting to install an app on your Android device. Then, start by checking available storage space and ensuring the app is compatible with your device’s operating system.

Yes, Aim Carrom King is designed to be safe, and many users have reported using it without any issues. To maintain security, only download it from reliable sources.

Check our website for updates. Follow the installation instructions after downloading the most recent version.

Try clearing the cache of both the Carrom Pool app and Aim Carrom King APK. If the issue persists, consider reinstalling both apps.


Aim Carrom King APK is a game-enhancing tool that can significantly improve your Carrom Pool experience. With its precise aiming, cushion shots, and bounce shot guidance, you can enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. 

While using the mod, remember to play responsibly and avoid using it in multiplayer matches to prevent potential account bans. It’s a valuable addition for those looking to master Carrom Pool and boost their winning potential. Download this application for Android today and take your Carrom gaming to the next level.

Jason Scout
Jason Scout

Game Developer & Designer!

I’m Jason Scout a full stack developer and designer, as internet is evolving and every need a better solution to there needs and as a carrom player, I do understand the need of aim assistance in carrom pool game, a well know carrom online platform, so I start creating & designing Aim Carrom to help expert players to build more expertise.

Me and my team always did changes to make Aim Carrom always up to date.

Follow us to get updates about Aim Carrom and their tips and tricks.

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