Who invented Carrom Pool Game? – History of Carrom

who invented carrom pool
India is place where people gathered and spent their times with there family members and also with there some friends.

Carrom Pool, board game with striker, is played intentionally and potentially in whole world now, but who invented Carrom Pool? India announced this game to world some decades ago. India is place where people gathered and spent their times with there family members and also with there some friends.

So in that means time some Indians designed this game by replacing some factors of pool with some coins type things to make this gathering more impact full with some strategic gameplay. Let have a look inside in the history of Carrom Pool:

Who Invented Carrom Pool?

India is the birth place of Carrom Pool, and now Carrom Pool is being played around the world, and now by the help of MiniClip you can also play Carrom Pool with friends online by downloading Carrom Pool APK from Google Play Store

Who Invented Carrom Pool Game

And now there are some specific hack tool as well in market to get your aim better in online Carrom Pool to pot all pucks with striker in one go.

What replaces the Cue and Balls?

This board game made major changes in pool items, let us discuss these changes one by one:

What replaces the Cue and Balls


In pool we’ve to put balls to win game but in Carrom Pool we’ve to put all pucks like coins inpocket to win the game accordingly.


In pool, stricker is white ball to strike all ball in called pockets, but in Carrom Pool A big coin named as striker to pot all pucks in pockets.


Whatever the game is a unique thing is available on table to pot, like a black ball is to be potted after all balls in same way a queen named red coin is to potted before last puck to save the game.

Frequently Asked Question

India introduce the world with this board game.

Carrom Pool is invented in late 18th century.

India invented this addiction with family members.

Playing Carrom is permissible as because while playing this game people cheats, lie, and beat.

Haji Ali Agariya is the pro player of this game.


Invention of anything create the chapters to learn in future and after this invention peoples find this a valuable play with friends and family to spare the best time.

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Jason Scout

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