Who is the Best Player in Carrom Disc Pool

Who is the Best Player in Carrom Disc Pool
Becoming a best player of any sport is tough as to become a scientist

Becoming a best player of any sport is tough as to become a scientist, because scientist is become scientist after many researches and a best player of game is best after too many losses and tries, but after some defeats and loses, a player with passion and interest can become a best players with high end techniques.

So today’s topic is about best player of Carrom Disc Pool, so let give a deep dive to this topic without further ado:

Best Player in Carrom Disc Pool

As we’ve discussion in our many topics that Carrom Pool game is design and played first time in India and then it become a popular game in Asia and now it being played as an international level. So, that’s the main reason the best Carrom players are also belongs from India, one of the most famous player of Carrom Pool is Maria Irudayam.

A. Maria Irudayam

A. Maria marked his name as the best Carrom Player by becoming 2 times world champion and 9 times in national games and he also won the prestigious Arjuna Award, a special honor award that’s being presented by the government of India to sport players. A. Maria is now the chairman of Carrom board in India and did a lot of sponsorship of Carrom board.

How He Started his Life as Carrom Pool Player

After dropping school life at age of 14, he start showing his interest in Carrom Pool and join club at age of 17 and won a local Carrom game, then his family and friends encourage him to start his career as Carrom Pool player, then he slowly and gradually make his name as a best performer player in Carrom Pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Haji Ali Agariya is known as a king of Carrom Disc Pool.

Carrom Pool is a favorite game of Indian maharajas and they also invent this game.

Haji Ali Agariya is still the king of Carrom Pool.


Want to best in any field you’ve to spend years of practice to become the best players with heavy medals and trophies and also with fam. A. Maria did the same, he spent his life years to become the best player and his biography is now featured in Wikipedia as well.

Jason Scout
Jason Scout

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I’m Jason Scout a full stack developer and designer, as internet is evolving and every need a better solution to there needs and as a carrom player, I do understand the need of aim assistance in carrom pool game, a well know carrom online platform, so I start creating & designing Aim Carrom to help expert players to build more expertise.

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