Carrom Tips and Tricks To Up Your Game

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If you’re a seasoned player looking for new challenges or a beginner eager to impress your friends, these carrom tips and trick will elevate your Carrom game to a new level of excitement.

Are you ready to take your Carrom skills to the next level? Be amazed by 10 mind-blowing Carrom trick shots that will leave you and your opponents in awe. From double-pocketing to bank shots, each trick shot is designed to push the boundaries of what you thought was possible on a Carrom board.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for new challenges or a beginner eager to impress your friends, these trick shots will elevate your Carrom game to a new level of excitement. Get ready to amaze everyone with mastery of these incredible Carrom tips and trick shots.

Carrom Tips and Tricks

Mastering the fundamental techniques such as the finger flick, thumb shot, and wrist movement will give you an edge in striking the carrom men with precision. Additionally, developing a keen sense of angles and rebounds is essential. 

You can strategically plan your shots and leverage favorable positions by studying the board and familiarizing yourself with how the carrom men and striker react to different angles and rebounds. Here are Carrom tips and tricks that boost your gaming experience.

Side Shot

The side shot in Carrom can be utilized in two main situations:

  • To Obstruct Your Opponent: Employ the side shot technique to strategically position the striker in a way that makes it challenging for your adversary to pocket the carrom men. By carefully executing this shot, you can impede their progress and hinder their scoring opportunities.
  • To Pocket Carrom Men: Alternatively, the side shot can propel the carrom men into your pocket. By skillfully striking the striker at an angle, you can enhance your chances of scoring points while minimizing the opportunity for your opponent to respond.

Board Shot

The board shot in Carrom is a technique reserved for advanced players who deeply understand the game. It is important to note that beginners may encounter difficulties or inadvertently commit fouls while attempting this shot. 

To execute the board shot successfully, one must strike the striker in a manner that causes it to make contact with three sides of the board before ultimately hitting the carrommen. The shot concludes with the striker propelling the carrom men straight into the player’s designated pocket.

Carrom Board Shot

Center Cut Shot

Moving on to another technique known as the “Center Cut Shot” involves targeting the carrom men or Queen placed at the center of the board. In this shot, the player aims to strike the side of the coin with the striker. For instance, if the shot is taken from the right side, the cut shot should be played towards the left side, aiming to score it in the left pocket.

Carrom Center Cut Shot

Cut and Take Shot

There is a variation of this shot called the “Cut and Take” shot. With this technique, the player aims to pocket one coin in a specific direction and then uses the rebound to pocket another. 

Carrom Cut and Take Shot

The cut-and-take carrom trick proves beneficial when a player needs to redirect a game piece while simultaneously pocketing another. Doing so makes the subsequent shot easier for the player to pocket another game piece.

Back Shot

When players find themselves in a situation where the game piece they want to pocket is near their baseline, they may encounter a rule prohibiting them from hitting the striker backward. In such cases, a technique called the back shot can come to the player’s rescue.

The back shot involves striking the striker with significant force in the opposite direction, causing it to hit the board and bounce back toward where the game piece is located. As a result, the game piece will slide toward the pocket, potentially leading to a successful pocketing maneuver.

Carrom Back Shot

It’s important to note that executing the back shot requires skill and precision to ensure the desired outcome.

Double Shot

The double shot is a widely used technique in the game of Carrom. It is typically employed when the carrom men (game piece) is positioned near the center of the board. 

This shot aims to pocket two carrom men in different pockets simultaneously. To execute the double shot, a player strikes one carrom man directly towards the opposite pocket, as depicted in the accompanying image.

Carrom Double Shot

At the same time, the striker rebounds off the opposite side of the board, making contact with another carrom man and propelling it into the pocket. This maneuver allows the player to score points efficiently by pocketing two carrom men with a single shot.

Thumb Hot

Thumb hot is a carrom technique employed when a player’s finger becomes sore from repeatedly striking the striker. It is not governed by any specific rule restricting the player from using only one finger. Instead, the player can use their thumb to strike the striker.

Carrom Thumb Hot

Utilizing the thumb in this manner allows for a more forceful hit, potentially aiding the player in pocketing the game piece. To execute this shot, the player forms a circular shape by positioning their index finger and thumb, then flicking their thumb towards the striker.

Alley Oop

Another carrom technique, Alley Oop, can be employed by players participating in doubles matches. The Alley Oop shot relies on effective teamwork between the players.

Carrom Alley Oop

In this maneuver, one player skillfully slides their game piece to make it easier for their partner to pocket. Essentially, if a player recognizes that they cannot pocket a particular game piece, they strategically position it to facilitate their partner’s success in pocketing that piece.

Second Hit

The Second Hit is a Carrom trick that allows players to overcome obstacles and pocket two game pieces simultaneously. When another game piece blocks a player’s intended target, they shift their focus to the obstructing piece itself. 

By skillfully striking the obstructing piece, the player can make it collide with the original target, leading both pieces into the pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trick shots can be highly effective in gaining an advantage over opponents. They can surprise your opponents, disrupt their strategy, and provide you with unique scoring opportunities. However, it’s important to use trick shots strategically and not solely rely on them, as they carry a level of risk and require skillful execution.

Incorporating aiming techniques and trick shots requires practice, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the game. Start by mastering the fundamental aiming techniques, and gradually integrate trick shots into your gameplay as you gain confidence and experience.

Yes, when attempting tricky shots, focus on your body position, aim, and the force applied to the striker. Visualize the desired path and trajectory of the puck(s) involved in the shot, and practice repeatedly to improve your accuracy and consistency.

Final Verdict

Aim Carrom is a gaming tool that demands dedicated practice and a deep understanding of its techniques. To improve your performance, investing time in honing your skills is crucial. Regular practice will enhance accuracy, control, and consistency in executing shots. 

Remember, Carrom is not just a game of chance but rewards skill, patience, and strategic thinking. So, practice diligently, learn from your experiences, and continuously strive to improve your abilities on the carrom board. We have described above all tips and tricks that boost your abilities.

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