How to Remove Friends in Carrom Pool?

How to Remove Friends in Carrom Pool?
Follow the guide and unfriend irrelevant proples from your friend list!

Removing and adding friends in Carrom Pool is super easy, friend list in most important in online games, you must have to login in game using your Facebook or Gmail so in that means you’ll be able to play with your friends or family.

And game also allow a guest mode, playing Carrom Pool or 8 ball Pool using guest mode can safe your identity, but you still able to have friend in this mode.

How to Remove Friends in Carrom Pool?

You can easily remove or unfriend anyone from by following these easy steps:

  • Select the friend list from beneath of screen.
  • Then you’ve to click on pencil option available on top right of your device screen.
  • After selecting that pencil option, you’ll get access to option to remove anyone from your friend list easily.

Some same step is followed to add some new friend to play with them you can also sent the invitation to your beloved on Facebook to install this amazing game in their phones from Google Play Store.

How to Beat Friends in Carrom Pool

You can easily beat your friends with different strategies like by practicing Carrom Pool shots like bank shot, corner shot, cushion shot and so on, you can learn these tips by doing practice only, but if you’re looking for some short cuts so download now aim carrom that help you to aim the puck till the pocket. So in that way you can easily pot all pucks in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah you easily unfriend anyone from your list by following the same thing we discussed above.

In Carrom Pool, you can’t team up to beat the 3rd person.

We can perfect our Carrom Pool shots only by doing practices and by spending some daily times chunks on it.

Maria Irudayam is the famous champion and have great exposure with Carrom Pool.


By following this guide you’re able to unfriend anyone from your friend list, so let make this happen and remove the irrelevant peoples from your list now!

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